Mind and Body Series; February 21st, Mind & Body -- CFQ Qigong

with Paula Perron

February 21st

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    In this series of talks we will explore the synergy between mindfulness and body work.  Each of the speakers, as well as to mindfulness, has deepened a strong connection to his or her own body practice – such as Qigong or Dance or Yoga. Each talk will be followed by a movement practice.  Let’s wear loose clothing and get moving!  ...And see the effects on our minds.


    February 21st, Mind & Body -- CFQ Qigong

    Paula Perron will be giving a talk on Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong. She is a certified CFQ Qigong and Meditation Instructor and has trained in the CFQ system of healing for 13 years in Canada and Malaysia.  Paula will be giving a brief history and explanation of Qigong and how this practice works with mind and body, followed by a time for discussion and introductory practice.